Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Process Continues

I plan to write another fifty thousand words today.
I have to write so many since I'll edit half away.
By sundown I can write a dozen chapters maybe more.
I don't mind if my butt's asleep or if my hands are sore.

I know it's still not everything I wish that it would be.
It's for that very reason I call it WIP.
And while I'm making progress it sure is a lot of work.
I'd better put another pot of coffee on to perk.

I'm straying off of topic and the subplot's rather lame.
I think I just decided I don't like my hero's name.
And yet I keep on rowing in a stream of consciousness.
I'll fix the plot holes later with a wee bit of finesse.

I've lost my story outline for the third day in a row.
It makes it hard to figure how this latest bit should go.
My organizing skills I must most surely work upon.
As soon as I discover where my storage disk has gone.

I'm fairly certain if I can continue at this pace
I'll finish up my novel while there's still a human race.
Of course by then there may no longer be an Amazon
Or Smashwords I can use to post my masterpiece upon.

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