Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sinful Short Fiction: Gluttony

Mordecai's left eye was swollen shut...a broken tooth throbbed. These Nazi mamzern applied efficiency to all things. He'd undertaken the pain willingly. The kindern wouldn't survive long on thin broth. Others raided the kitchens for food to sustain them. The theft was discovered but not the thieves

The commandant promised punishment for the affront. Mordecai knew his obligation. He was young and strong. He took responsibility and the beating.

Today, medicines were missing from the infirmary. Mordecai stepped forward again.
The commandant chortled, "Liebowitz... again? Truly you MUST be a glutton for punishment. Be assured, we shall feed your hunger."


  1. I really LOVE this twist on gluttony. I've read a few stories to do with the Nazis - both fiction and autobiography.

    I like your choice of the Hebrew name "Mordecai" for the main character. I like how this links it back to the story of Esther, and the Mordecai in that story, who was also concerned not with/for himself, but for others. I don't know if that was on purpose, but either way, the link is still there. ;)

  2. It was very expressly chosen with that in mind. Nice to see it was picked up on. :)

  3. Ironcially I think I'm going to like your Sins more than your Virtues because of your goal to turn them on their heads. The Glutton for punishment is a very interesting angle to examine the sin from.

  4. I never was much of a conformist. LOL