Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sinful Short Fiction: Greed

"What's with you Warren? You already work two extra shifts a week. How greedy can one sumbitch be to want more?!?"

Warren frowned. "There's some things I really want and well...those things cost money is all. Please sir??"

"Fine!", his boss snarled, "But some day you'll ain't everything!!"

That Friday, Warren left payroll with a fat envelope and grumbles of "Money-grubbin' bastard!" from his boss.

Sister Agnes looked in the envelope and gasped, "'s too much!!"

Warren grinned, "Call me greedy Sister, but I want ALL the kids to get their new shoes at once."


  1. So you're going for Virtuous Sins are you? Great flash!

  2. This is sweet! I can't help but like Warren for doing such a nice thing.

    I have to question it though - is it really greed if it's good? Or is it actually charity or kindness... or even diligence in working so hard?

    Each of your stories make me think about this! Is it still a virtue if the motivation is wrong/not pure/selfish? Is it still a sin if it's done for others and comes from a generous heart?

  3. This one made me laugh. Definitely love him wanting all the kids to get their new shoes at once. We can call him Greedy, but I'd only say it in jest.