Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bellwether of God

Jeremiah Cade, the Bellwether of God, stood on the balcony of the Econo-Lodge Motel, sweating heavily beneath his cassock. Indian Summer or not, it was unfitting for the Almighty's Instrument of Retribution to be perspiring so, he frowned.

One thousand human sacrifices were the price the Almighty demanded or The Reaping would continue with none spared. Jeremiah would not allow that. The deaths tonight would spare millions.

As Cade stood praying, the heavy .308 slug smacked his forehead. Jake grinned. Prophet or not, the murdering bastard never saw THAT one coming. Plague be damned, nobody was gonna sacrifice HIS sister!


  1. Glad you decided to join today! Can't wait to see what our judgemaster says!

  2. Glad to take part. My phone was down last week so no web access...but I am baaack. Think it satisfies her desire for a gotcha ending. hehe