Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

Tanaka stood amidst the smoldering rubble of the Puakoahanaliakua Banquet Hall.

"HOW did this happen again?"

"Pooka and me just figured fire juggling would offer the haoles an authentic, uniquely Polynesian experience here. And -"

"Three points, David. Firstly, we call Pooka the village idiot for reasons. Secondly, YOU are a haole. You grew up in Toledo! Thirdly, burning my business to the ground is NOT a uniquely Polynesian experience!!"

"Hey, it's WAY harder than it looks. Besides, Pooka set the drapes on fire, NOT me!"

A flabbergasted Tanaka roared, "You did this INSIDE the hall?!?"

"Did I forget that part before?"

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