Monday, November 14, 2011

Imagination Lost

Jeremiah had a very active imagination. He craved adventure, excitement and things impossible.

Jeremiah indulged his need for adventure quite differently than his friends. No Cowboys and Indians or playing Soldier. Instead, his heroes all sprang from the pages of...books.

For Jeremiah it was more than just reading. He'd learned if he concentrated very, VERY hard, he could summon forth those characters as actual living people!

Today, the park was his land of make believe. THERE it was! It took the eye of a true adventurer to spot it. A broken swing...wrapped and dangling from its frame? Oh no, it MUST be more than THAT.

Who best to help him puzzle it out? Nancy Drew? No...she was a GIRL! The Hardy Boys were total geeks. Then he realized....THE detective...Sherlock Holmes would solve this mystery in no time!

He summoned Holmes as he had before, but this time the sleuth was angry. Before Jeremiah could fully explain, Holmes snarled that sometimes a broken swing was JUST a broken swing. Then he vanished.

That day a terrible thing happened. Jeremiah ceased to believe. No longer did characters come to him. From that fateful day on, Jeremiah NEVER believed in anything again.

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  1. well, that's a real Debbie Downer, sorry, she's a girl. I was looking for motivation, Epic fail. Nice short though.