Thursday, December 8, 2011

Betrayal Serves The State

Divine Hell Blog Challenge #5: Treachery

It was barely dawn, yet Inquisitor Rand had been in his office for hours. The Inquisitor served The Collective by insuring order and conformity. No other state was tolerable. He WOULD fulfill his duty!

What rankled most was the time wasted with Keldana. Every word she'd told him was a lie. He was no closer to finding the Artists' Enclave than before. That would change now! An informant sat before him volunteering all he knew in exchange for leniency.

By noon, every member of the Enclave was either in custody or neutralized. Only one question remained. Why had this deviant scum betrayed the only friends he'd ever had?!?

"They judged MY work...vapid...uninspired ...flawed!! Call it envy or jealousy or whatever you like. So, I decided...if my writing was not to be fairly judged than NONE of them deserved to ever write again...EVER!!!"

The delicious irony of it all made Rand smile.

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  1. The delicious irony of it all made me laugh--great to come back to The Collective for the final post.

    Fascinating, and rings sadly true, how destructive spurned artists can be both in relation to others and themselves.