Monday, December 12, 2011

Obtaining Empirical Evidence

Carissa Horton loathed calling the town of Warroad, MN home. She loathed delivering mediocre pizzas and greasy ribs for the Bella Luna Pizzeria. What kind of job was this anyway?? She was a vegan!!

Driving a pink Jeep decked out as an exhaust-belching parody of a pig seemed blashemous. Yet, she knew if she ever wanted to be free of her parents, she needed all of her ducks in a row. The most elusive duck was money!

Her parents, folklore anthropoligists, assured her their research of Native American shamanist mythos could NOT be conducted in any more fertile setting. They were confident of their chances to finally document the existence of a...were-moose!! The absurdity made Carissa cringe.

The Jeep jounced along the rutted roadway. She never had a chance to react as the young bull sprang from the treeline and into her path. The majestic beast was flung into the muddy ditch by the impact.

She stared hard at the mangled body. Hooves AND hands, a human face on a furry body? The...creature...seemed melted, in death, between two forms. Her lurching stomach told her she may just have validated her parents research in a most horrifying way.

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