Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Joyous Holidays At Home

Padraig was beginning to regret coming home for the holidays. His mother agreed to let him go off-world for university, but only just. His options were clear. Come home or face his mother's wrath...really no choice at all.

His fiancee followed him off the shuttle. Dianah was diminutive, blonde and British. He could scarce avoid a shudder at the thought of what his mother would make of her.

She was, head to toes, all over pink. Add a flash of royal blue on her jacket and hat...her family crest. She was proud of her heritage and MUST wear it.

Padraig's mother was less...flamboyant. She was five feet even, 220 pounds of sensible woolens and tweed. Hands on hips, she stared daggers past him...right at Dianah.

"THAT'S yer woman?!? Are ye daft boy? I TOLD ye I dinna want ya gallivantin' about that school in the company of Sassinaks, heathens and whores!! And yet her we be. Lord knows ye'll starve soon enough if she feeds ye no better than it looks she does for herself. Naught to be done. Well, let's not keep her Highness awaitin' boy!!"

Padraig sighed. It was going to be a VERY long visit.


  1. I had a lot of trouble with this prompt, and in part I think that's because I have similar feelings on the amount of pink in the image as Padraig's mother.

    Dianah's a very pretty name though, and I suspect in spite of the pink I'd like her more than Padraig's mother does.

  2. I nearly fell off the sofa from the strength of Padraig's mother's words and from laughing.

    I like Dianah's clothing, thought I'd wear black pants/skirt. Hopefully she endures Padraig's mother.