Monday, December 5, 2011

Clinical Satisfaction

Doctor Mehmet Ramrakhiani, doctor of clinical psychology, stood waiting at the control booth of the Cripple Creek State Mental Institution. The officer on duty, a weedly little functionary named Crispin, had excused himself to insure that the patient in question was properly restrained before allowing the doctor in to examine him.

"Got one batshit-crazy sumbitch for ya this time, Doc.", Crispin had drawled, "Just last week his court-appointed lawyer come to see him. Don't rightly know what went afoul, but next we knew he'd done bit that shyster's nose clean off!! You mark my words, this fella is freakier than what's in the toe of Christopher Walken's Christmas stocking!!"

The doctor was confused by the unusual reference but smiled warmly. "Thanks for sharing that, Officer. I have no doubt your entirely unprofessional observations will prove most useful in my evaluation of the subject." Crispin was, evidently, too dense to take
umbrage at the obvious insult.

In reality, Ramrakhiani was VERY moved by the officer's revelations. Finally buzzed in, he smiled again. As a dedicated voyeur, he was ecstatically anticipating all the wondrous and stimulating masturbatory fantasies he would compose from his demented patient's accounts of his deeds.


  1. Wow... Not shying away from portraying the sick and twisted here either. Thoroughly creepy, in no small part because it's so believable.
    The voyeuristic doctor scares me more than the deranged patient.

  2. Have to agree with David, when I read the last lines my jaw dropped.
    Odd, though the doctor does less physical harm I find his voyeurism creepier than the patients violent tendencies.