Monday, December 5, 2011

The Desolation Road

Divine Hell Blog Challenge #1: Limbo

It was one of those Dustbowl days when all life had been sucked out of the featureless landscape. It was the type of day when dust, heat and wind conspired to eradicate any hint of joy that had ever existed. It was a day tailor-made for suffering.

Trudging down a deserted road was one unremarkable and ordinary man. His trousers, vest and button-down shirt were no longer discernably of any color. His heavy brogan shoes abraded his feet, the leather hot and brittle.

Charlie didn't know how long he'd been walking nor where he was headed. For that matter, he couldn't recall where he was coming from or why he was walking in the first place.

All Charlie knew was it looked like he was going to be walking this damnable road until ole Gabriel commenced to blowing his horn and ended everybody's walking days once and for all.


  1. Great image of the dustblown drifter and a compelling conception of Limbo that I can't help romanticizing the image a bit.
    So I loved this one, in particular Charlie's determination to continue walking even without remembering where to or from or why.

  2. You certainly captured the essence of limbo.

    Like the words 'ole Gabriel', lightens up the mood for a moment.