Monday, December 5, 2011

For The Collective Good

Divine Hell Blog Challenge #2: Heresy

Schopenhaur was bent nearly double from the weight of the chains shackling him. Enemies of The Collective abrogated their right to freedom of movement. His body bore the marks of sustained beatings. Enemies of The Collective no longer had the guarantee of their physical safety. He wore little more than rags covering his nether parts. Enemies of The Collective had no right to the labors of reliable Citizens who honored their obligations, fashioning garments for others.

Schopenhaur was the worst possible affront to The Collective and was to be branded with the mark of...The Heretic.

Concerned Citizens had contacted the Justiciar. While self-expression was certainly not forbidden, there were acceptable, approved forms that such expression was intended to take.

No one had wanted to believe him capable of scribbling random thoughts into grubby notebooks hidden beneath his floorboards. He was that vilest of all possible non-conformist scum. Yitzak Schopenhaur was...a writer!


  1. Yep, those writers are trouble. Best to squash them early.

    I love how every aspect of his torment is measured and logically derived from his self-exclusion from The Collective by means of unapproved self-expression. No freedoms enjoyed by The Collective, no protections offered by The Collective, and no access to the fruits of The Collective.

  2. lol, a writer! Gah, you had me tricked at the end, didn't even see that coming. Aww the truth of it all makes it all that more humorous.

  3. I can't help but feeling there's a bit of Jeffrey Hollar in poor old Schopenhaur... humour with a darker message here, I think.

  4. Hmm...had no such intent but if you say so. The reader is never wrong. :)

  5. I was expecting him to have shouted heretic stuff on a street corner, not a fellow writer.

    I think if writing were forbidden a lot of us would continue writing, it's an obsession.