Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Past and Future Present

She gathers up the pieces of my bruised and battered soul,
And soothes them back together till I once again am whole.
She always knows the thing it takes to keep me sane and strong.
No path through life would work for me unless she were along.

I know I'm seldom worthy of her strong unyielding love.
She, surely, is a gift sent down to me from up above.
Provided by a Father who knows me the best of all,
To keep my steps secure and pick me up if I should fall.

Her warming smile, her quirky laugh, the way she makes me feel,
In every way remind me that her love for me is real.
I may not get the kind of gifts that stores or shops provide,
Instead I have a treasure that can not be quantified.

I know I am a rich man at this festive time of year,
Because she stands beside me through the perils and the fear
Because she helps me be the man I otherwise could not.
In point of fact, because of her, I really have a lot.

The bows are torn and crumpled and bright paper thrown away.
Each package has been opened on this latest Christmas Day.
I find myself quite happy for I truly do believe
She's still the finest present that I ever could receive.

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