Thursday, December 8, 2011

Only Following Orders

Divine Hell Blog Challenge #4: Violence

April 13, 1919

Sergeant Major authorized additional spirits be dispersed. "For medicinal purposes and calmin' of the nerves", he said. I fear not enough alcohol exists to expunge the damage this day has wrought upon my very soul.

These people are base idolaters of the worst ilk, yet not deserving of unwarranted massacre. What transpired today was naught but that.

We marched, in full kit, to that fancy ceremonial garden the paynim frequent. There the heathens were, cavortin' and wailin' that banshee music of theirs.

Brigadier set us out and ordered "Fire until all ordinance be expended." "To kill!", he said, and such we did. Women, children, oldsters all got served the, bloody death delivered by Her Majesty's finest!

Turns out was one of their heathen holy days bein' celebrated...naught more. I ponder whether the afterlife will afford us any consideration in that we was only followin' orders? I honestly fear not.


  1. Is this about the Amritsar Massacre? Amazing bit of history there if it is, because I'll admit to glossing over the date originally but the scene you described immediately made me think of it even though I hadn't heard or thought about it since sophomore year in college.

    I don't think I have any more reaction than that, you captured the horror and the guilt of such action in a stunning fashion.

  2. So sad... I love the voice you've got going on here, it's really strong in every way, the way you've put together the sentences, the word choice. Really hits home as a military man.

  3. I always seem to come back to something that benefits in no small way from my time in uniform. Sounds like it struck the chords I intended. :)

  4. just following orders, if only everyone were absolved by such an excuse. Very deep story.