Friday, December 9, 2011

The Things That Mattered

Norman Weintraub longed for the days when they were just another crappy cover band. Now, three years later, he was "Desolation", front man for Desolation and the Destructive Tendencies.

His throat was raw and he was so damned tired. He'd missed his kid's first day of school, Thanksgiving and here he was doing a gig on Christmas Eve!

He threw fame under the bus that night as he took the stage. Waving the band silent, his quavering voice sang, "I'll be home for Christmas..." At song's end, he dropped the microphone and went home to the things he'd forgotten truly mattered.


  1. Good for Norman. I love that abandonment of image to be with his family--and I could see it generating enough headlines for savvy agent to be able to work with it maybe for a reinvention.

  2. It did not work out that way for my own musical career but hey...who knows? Hehehe But seriously...thanks again for the wonderful feedback. :)