Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decisions Have Consequences


He took a healthy swig of bourbon, shaking his head in disgust. He had no good reason to not drink NOW. The repo men had his car. The balance on his condo was due by next week...or else. All he had left was the comfort of the harsh, amber liquid.

Maybe he enjoyed its comfort a bit too much, but that was HIS decision to make! It was his life to live and he would NOT be dictated to any more. He could quit anytime he wanted to but why should he?

Maybe he WOULD quit just to show them all that he could. Plenty of time to consider that tomorrow. It was closing time and he really should get home . He drained his glass and settled up his tab.

The night was cold and rainy. The warm glow of the alcohol was fading quickly as he walked. A stop at the bodega...just a pint to warm him up...he muttered.

Bad chance, bad timing and a bad decision combined as he stepped off the curb and into the path of the car. The need for him to stop drinking was moot as the ambulance drove his body away.


  1. Great work of having the decision being made for him at the end. Just a little bit more meant the end of his mortal existence. Classic, until next week!

  2. I've got an odd feeling of satisfaction from this one. He gets out of seemingly intolerable circumstances without it technically being a suicide.
    My favorite part was "The warm glow of the alcohol was fading quickly as he walked." Because I both know (and appreciate) the glow and how quickly it can go.

  3. Very nice description of what alcohol can do and how driving the need is to push off all the awareness otherwise.