Friday, January 20, 2012

The Hazards Of Hosting

Though his family had served their Master for five generations, never before had their hotel hosted a full meeting of The Council. It was both a singular honor and a terrifying challenge. The Masters were creatures of habit and brooked no deviation from the rituals.

He satisfied himself that each of the ornate iron keys were placed properly on the delicate china plate. With one key for each Master, they would choose, at random, their rooms. It was done thus for both security and equality.

He walked with exquisite but brisk care. To keep Them waiting would be most unwise.


  1. Equality? I worry that one might be offended, stirring up a pot of chaos. As to security, if these great hulking creatures are let into the hotel I think security is a far gone hope.

  2. Oh, I get it now. I saw the icon on the left and thought 'Hm, maybe I should check out Tuesday Tales.' Then through a series of stumbling I found Friday Picture Show.

    Yes, yes. I liked this bit before but now I enjoy it more seeing the accompanying image.