Friday, January 13, 2012

Hope Undesired

The Bishop, spiritual and temporal leader of the people, was constrained to personally confirm the scout's fantastic claims. The Poisoned Lands had been tainted and devoid of life for ten generations. To swear otherwise was heresy!

It lay on rocky terrain where it had no right to be. A thin tendril stretched out in a noble attempt to root and spread its promise of rebirth. Such was unthinkable. It would irreparably undermine the power of the Clergy.

The crunch as his heavy boot crushed the seedling seemed so small while the echoes of what he had done would be far-reaching indeed.


  1. Oh no! I felt such hope, then felt it crushed beneath that heavy boot. Well done!

  2. Ouch! And just when there was some hope. Another atrocity committed in the name of God. Good futuristic tale!
    Here's mine:

  3. Nice take on things! I felt like you could build a whole world around this scene!

  4. Wow. This is powerful. Well-written and deep. Good job. No, that's not right. Great job!

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  5. OH, that is a great turn around of our Alien Invasion! The good seedling destroyed by the Church! Well told, too.
    I like your dark and dense story telling. I forgot to comment on last week's and I just want to add that the ending with the silly furry animals was totally delightful - the juxtaposition of war and silliness was just perfect!

  6. Agh! My favorite so far today! It makes me wonder how many times the powers that be quash the hopes of the people without them even knowing...

  7. Oh, religon.

    This is soul crushingly good.

  8. Very true to character--snuff out anything that may undermine control of the public. Very well done.

    the link to my drabble for the week can be found here:

  9. oops...I cut/paste yours and forgot...this is my reaaaalll link :)

    Sorry about that.