Friday, January 13, 2012

Rumors Of War

There was absolutely no reason for them to be late and so Lucius began to suspect that something had gone very, very wrong.

It had been difficult to set up this parley. The location had been chosen carefully to ensure that it was on neutral territory.

Lucius was the only member of the Ruling Council who believed there could be a peaceful settlement of this latest bloody turf war.

If Snowflake, Fluffy and the rest were still not here then no treaty was to happen today at #13 Warehouse Row. The Mice had, apparently, decided to escalate to full-blown war.


  1. Great suspense, you hooked me in the first sentence. It's what I love about 100-word pieces. They train writers to cut their prose right down to the bone. Here's my piece this week:

  2. It reminds me or Redwall. Except, this is much more intense because it takes place in the city. Which means the warfare will probably be much more intense. Well played!

    -Elise Rae

    (The second thing this reminds me of is Congress, but that'll be for a different time)