Monday, February 20, 2012

All For The Realm

Madame Paeony rose, silently and carefully. She did a mental inventory of the arrayed components: budding branches, bark shaved to reveal the Summoning Circle, water in close proximity. Yes, all was prepared in accordance with the sacred texts.

None but the eldest of her kind had even heard of this ritual. None at all had any memory of it having been performed successfully. But hard times had fallen on the realm of Bob and Debbie's Garden, requiring hard choices.

She mourned the loss of the Debbie. The Debbie had possessed the fabled Green Thumb of Life and had wielded it wondrously. With her departure, the Bob had ceased to care. Creepers, thistles and even crab grass threatened to overwhelm them all.

She whispered to the Maidens, "It's almost time." As she took her place, they began to sing. She chanted the power words in counterpoint. Slowly, ever so slowly, the ten figures rose from the earth. When the soles of their boots stood on firm ground, she collapsed, cracked and broken from the strain.

As her essence faded, she smiled, secure in the knowledge that the lawn gnomes she had summoned would turn the tide. The Realm would prosper again!

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