Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Bit Of Closure

The black Mini came zipping up, seemingly, from nowhere. In a spray of gravel, it described a tight turn, its bumper striking the back of the tandem bicycle with crushing force. Dr. Phillip Travers and his fiancée, Maggie, were thrown clear and into the arms of unconsciousness.

Phillip awoke slowly, confused by the black stiletto boot planted firmly on the center of Maggie’s back. His eyes tracked upward to focus on a pale face, framed by a mane of bright red hair.

“Rebecca?!? Wha…how?”

“Ah, Philly, always the smooth talker, eh? Before you ask, your whore is just fine, for now. Get up!” He noted the gun in her hand as she gestured. He rose, painfully, to his feet.

“Rebecca, please! Don’t hurt her. Don’t do anything we’ll both regret. Maggie is innocent in all of this. She has no knowledge of our past…difficulties.”
She giggled, musically, “Silly boy. Only one of us cares a fig if any harm comes to this woman. And for the record, I believe having me committed qualifies as a skosh more than a ‘past difficulty’, eh?”

“For God’s sake! You stabbed Professor Leighton in the neck with a salad fork. It was all I could do to keep you out of prison.”

“That old strumpet was stalking you and paid for her insolence. Well, I suppose that’s all water under the bridge now, love. Let’s move on to more current affairs. Here is how things’ll work here. You’re going to get into my car and we’re going to go for a pleasant ride in the English countryside. We can get caught up on things and just have a bit of a chat. Comply, and you’ll be back here in no time and free to pursue the rest of your life with Miss Suzy Rottencrotch here and never have to see or hear from me again. Defy me, and I swear I WILL cap your little princess right here and now.”

Devoid of alternatives, Phillip did not resist as Rebecca muscled his handcuffed form into her small car. As she slammed the door to and walked around to the other side, he briefly struggled against the restraints, gauging their strength. He, fervently, hoped she’d not noticed. She had. She buckled herself in and gunned the Mini’s engine, frowning all the time.

“So, that’s how it’s to be then, eh? I make a, perfectly reasonable, request for an hour of your time…for a bit of closure…and you have to go and try to scamper off the very second my back is turned. Well, I suppose we move on to Plan B then.”

The vehicle jolted as both axles passed over Maggie’s prone body before surging back onto the road and speeding away. Phillip’s mouth gaped in stunned silence as Rebecca laughed raucously.

“Focus, Philly, focus! See that bag there in the back? I took the liberty of popping around to your flat and picking up your surgical kit. Finest tools of the trade they make and I bought them for you, remember? Six months of my tips from the coffee shop, it was. I reckon that since, once upon a time, you pledged me your heart, forever and always, that we might as well find ourselves a secluded spot out here and I’ll just go ahead and collect that up from you.”

Phillips frenzied screams battled for dominance over Rebecca’s maniacal laughter within the constrained space of the small car.


  1. Wow... Of course the part that really sold it for me was Rebecca's maniacal laughter at the end. Horrific enough a scenario for Phillip and Maggie that my only solace is Rebecca seems to enjoy it enough to at least break even on the happiness scale.

    Again you deliver a very tightly conceived and executed tale of vengeance.

  2. You are on FIRE with this one! The pacing, the tightness, the twists. Kept me gripped and on my toes right the way through. Pure horror and humour seamlessly blended - an absolute Hollar classic. Love it!