Friday, February 3, 2012

The Sunset Road

His wife,Triella, had done herself proud with the Sunset meal. Every clanswoman down to those barely old enough to walk had helped.

His clansmen and sons had provided him with wondrous Sunset gifts. He wore supple leathers and fine walking boots. The long knife and battle blade gleamed.

When shadows grew long, all knew it was time. He turned his back and began to walk away.

The Law was clear. At sixty, he must leave to ensure the young ones sufficiency of resources. And so, in the sunset of his years he left them all to walk The Sunset Road.


  1. This is a beautiful piece, I loved the old(ish) man's acceptance and sense of contentment as he turned towards his fate, and the idea of a community that values this important tradition. However cruel it seems to us, you filled your writing with respect.

  2. :( Honorable thing, I suppose. Reminds me of the giver. This could be true.

    ( Also: I missed you on Tuesday! )

    Well played

  3. That was another unique piece - loved it. The scene would fit nicely in a novel about this culture.

  4. What a wonderful take on the photo prompt. Full of love and life and humanity, ineffably sad, yet somehow affirming. Very well done.



  5. Hope it is a long one. Fond of the old man, Robin

  6. Logan's Run with double the age makes this man's walk. Nice story. Great potential for continuation.

    Here's mine:

  7. Very moving--reminds me of some Native American traditions. I agree with elmowrites.

  8. Oh gosh. For some reason I didn't expect that turn and it really struck a chord with me. Beautiful job.