Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rules Are Rules

I will preface this little tale by saying that it was my first successful attempt at completing the 5-minute writing challenge hosted by Nicole Wolverton. I make note of this because it is a rather dramatic departure from my usual style of writing. I am a slow writer. There is no disputing this point, trust me.  Given the fact that nearly everything I write is short fiction, this may be hard to believe, but it's true. Short fiction writing is a true art form. It requires precise, targeted (almost surgical) precision. It requires every word pull its weight and advance the story or resolve the tale. So, as a general rule, I agonize over each and every word I use. I have been known to take three hours to write a 300-word story...seriously. So, while this was something of a fun departure from form for me, I sense it will, most likely, never be my forte. That being said, my story did not find favor with the judge today. I'm not surprised or dissatisfied, but I hate to let any of my creative endeavors go to the dustbin anymore. So, here is my 5-minute recycled fiction piece. Enjoy!

Phaelus fought desperately to free himself from the choking hold of the Yrfalla root vine to no avail. It tightened and tangled like an executioner’s noose about the youth’s slim throat. He knew he had but scant moments of life remaining to him and would have wept had he not been so otherwise distracted.

He would ender the Otherlife never having known the love of a woman. He had snuck outside the fence walls specifically for that purpose. Trella had pledged to meet him at the rise of the twin moons.The love-struck lad had forgotten the first rule of the Dhargalan people when outside the walls: Be Ever Vigilant.

As darkness overtook him, he summoned the wherewithal to smile, content that he would not need endure another lecture from his parents regarding his irresponsible tendencies. That was better than any woman’s embrace.

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