Sunday, February 26, 2012


He shifted and took the spotter scope away from his eye. He’d been lying in the brackish tall grass all night. He just wanted a bit of sleep, but that was simply unthinkable. They were coming and unless someone was vigilant, humanity would be overrun before they had any chance to react.

He knew the elders thought him daft, but he didn’t much care. The lake was the nexus of ancient evil, waiting to spew forth its rotting army and he was damned if that’d happen while he was around.

He sensed rather than saw the presence. He reached for his weapon, unsure if such a paltry thing could be proof against evil incarnate.

He never found out as he orderly crashed into his hiding space.

“Dammit Charlie! We been lookin’ for you for hours. Gimme that fork! Dr. Fitzhugh is gonna put you in the hole for forever this time!”

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