Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Disagreement Long Standing

This micro-fiction piece is offered up for my wife, Lisa McCourt Hollar's latest endeavor, namely, the 55 Word Challenge  For those of you accustomed to writing flash fiction, this is still a little tricky but, certainly, not impossible to do. Feel free to come out and offer up your best since my, admittedly, brilliant effort here is entirely ineligible to win. There IS actually a prize by the way, but I'll keep that little secret to myself. Enjoy!

Evelyn hesitated before speaking her mind.
“I’ll say no more than this, Charles. Our anniversary is soon and seventeen dollars. Seventeen...bloody…dollars!”
Charles snarled, “I’ve NOT forgotten April 15th is coming and had I known we’d be 100 years on this barge, I’d have sprung for the damnable cabin upgrade! Now, give it a rest already!”

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