Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Fall Of Pride

Like all of the space-faring vessels of her people, she was not only sentient, but infused with a rudimentary personality. Everything she experienced was assimilated into her not only as data but as memories. She had the capacity to learn, to grow by drawing on those memories.

Sheliandra’s Pride was different than others of her kind, though. From her first flight, she knew she was somehow…flawed. Vague uneasiness grew into a sense of burrowing ineptitude and culminated in what was clinical depression for her kind.

The responsibilities of exploration and of sustaining her crew, while avoiding the hazards were more than she could handle. It was all just too much to take!

As she transited from Strangespace into the planetary atmosphere, her scanners detected a solution to her pain. She disregarded her crew’s input and flew directly into the giant webs. As gigantic arachnoids pierced her hull and consumed her crew, she finally knew peace.

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