Saturday, March 24, 2012

Free For Evermore

He sat alone on the cool, damp earth and struggled to calm the turmoil within.

Realistically, he understood why they gave him the Haloperidol. Without the artificial chemical moderation it induced, he posed a "significant risk to himself and others". Without it, he risked the very real possibility of a "total permanent psychotic break". He understood but, quite simply, he just really no longer cared.

Breathing slowly and deeply, he turned his face to the night sky and slowly opened his eyes. The universe came suddenly and wondrously to life for him. Colors flashed and swirled in counterpoint to fantastic indescribable sounds and scents. Exotic unknown planetary bodies danced and spun across his vision.

In that moment, he knew the risks would never outweigh the unassailable guilt that would overwhelm him if he allowed them to steal the magic and the awe away from him with their pills ever again. He was free now and free he would remain...for evermore.

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