Thursday, March 1, 2012

On The Job

Gino had been on the job more years than he liked to remember and seen his fair share of downright ugly stuff.

At the scene, he nodded to some familiar faces then got busy. Running the corrugated steel door up on its tracks, he stared in horror at the body. No matter how long you did this kind of work, it never prepared you for something like…this. That someone could wreak this kind of havoc on an innocent made him question his belief in any sort of Higher Power. He swallowed down bile and began to make notes.

The bumper was twisted like a steel pretzel. The left quarter panel was crushed. Glass was broken…paint scoured away…the list of damages went on and on, seemingly without end.

Yeah, days like this made him regret, indeed, being the owner and proprietor of Gino’s Quality Automotive Repairs. He just hoped the hump who’d dropped it off was good for the $500 insurance deductible!

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