Saturday, March 3, 2012

SatSunTails Blog Challenge

Anyone who reads my blog very often or follows any of the various daily blog challenges, knows that I write a LOT of flash fiction. I do that because I, truly, believe it has and is making a better writer of me. Flash fiction is an art form. It has a definite learning curve to write it well. It is the essence of compact, expressive clarity. It requires precise, focused surgical precision to weave a tale from beginning to end in, sometimes, as little as 100 words. Whatever your chosen means of expression in writing, I am a firm believer that flash fiction writing WILL make you better at it.

SatSunTails is the latest edition to the list of weekly flash fiction challenges for us, as writers, to have the opportunity to participate in. It is the brain child of my Twitterverse friend and fellow writer: Rebecca Clare Smith . As blog challenges go, it follows fairly standard procedures and prompts. This will be only the third week of this new endeavor and has, to date, been judged only by its creator Rebecca, although guest judges will become the norm as the challenge gains more exposure. Rebecca does add a nice twist to her challenge that makes it quite unique. In addition to a winner and three runners-up, she (or the guest judge in future) also critique three stories that were NOT selected. The objective of those three additional critiques is to give those writers a view inside the judge's head as to why THEIR particular offering did not make the cut. The intent is to provide constructive, positive feedback direct from the horse's mouth of your reader. While neither Rebecca or most of us who will be tapped to judge have, most likely, much in the way of literary credentials to critique writing, it IS important to remember that the vast majority of our readers do not either. So, some of that feedback may or may not prove helpful, but only time will tell if this aspect of Rebecca's SatSunTails is a worthwhile feature. To date, participation in the challenge has been a bit low. These things take time, of course. I would like to invite any and all writers (as well as that hardcore crew of dedicated flash writers) to rise to the challenge and try out SatSunTails Blog Challenge

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