Monday, April 23, 2012

Apathy Meets Ignorance

It was generally accepted as common knowledge that Vernon T. Laskowitz was not the nicest guy you’d ever meet. He was rude, lazy, shiftless and possessed of a truly nasty temper. Vernon had other, even less savory, character traits but it was easier for most folks to just look the other way and thank the stars they had minimal exposure to him.

The general consensus seemed to be one of: “Vernon did what? Uhh…remind me, why do I care what he did this time?” In this age of plausible deniability and overwhelming apathy, such was not an entirely unexpected reaction. That his own mother held this very opinion might explain how Vernon came to be the man he was.

He came to be the kind of man caught stuffing the bloody and headless body of his devoted girlfriend Nina into an oversized commercial dumpster located at the site of the highway expansion project west of town.

When he was convicted and subsequently sentenced to death for the crime, it came as no shock to anyone that Vernon’s “I can explain” defense proved to be every bit as damning as his hapless attorney had tried to convince him it would be. 

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  1. Sad character. This reads somewhat like true crime fiction, not that I'm a great consumer, but it has that edge of truth to me. Nice work.