Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Birthday Vault

Today marks a very momentous occasion here within the dusty confines of The Latinum Vault. It was one year ago today that I threw open the doors and invited all of you to step inside and enjoy the treasures stored here. To borrow a line from The Grateful Dead, "What a long strange trip it's been." 

I began this blog with little more of an idea of what I wanted to accomplish other than to take the voices in my head and share them with others. I have repeatedly blogged about My Own Personal Dark Ages. It was a sad and unsatisfying period of my life wherein I indulged no means of creation or expression. I have since enjoyed a renaissance and have come to realize that I can not and will not ever go back to those bad days.

This year has seen much evolution and growth in my writing. I have experimented with a dozen different genres and have yet to decide upon a single one as my chosen favorite. I'm comfortable with that. I've seen that my creativity can cross a broad spectrum of different means of expression and I like that a lot.

There have been technological hurdles to overcome as well. For nearly half of The Vault's existence I did not have traditional home Internet access available. This required me to keep the blog alive by submitting posts from a not-so-smart smart phone. I regret that limited my success with the blog so much. I enjoy adding a visual component to my submissions, which was not an option available to me during those smart phone months. It also severely limited my ability to expand my readership and promote the blog. Those hurdles have been overcome and will, hopefully, not be a problem again.

It is my intention to continue to provide both my dedicated readership as well as any and all new readers the very best and most entertaining snippets for your consideration and, hopefully, approval. To those that have been so supportive and instrumental in any successes I have enjoyed from my writing, I thank you. To those who are new to my work, I welcome you and your feedback to help me become a better writer.

For a bit of fun in this celebratory posting, I thought I would provide links to the five most viewed offerings that I have presented to date. They span the gamut of genres as well as coming from various times in the blog's evolution. If they are old news to you, I apologize. If they are new to you, then I hope you enjoy them. So, feel free to grab a slice of the cake, a bit of punch and settle in for some Vault flashbacks. Thanks again to all!

What's In A Name? - Flash Fiction, Horror

Toasting The Unexpected - Flash Fiction, Sci-fi

The Commander And The Den Asaan Rautu - Book Review, Epic Fantasy

Gone But Not Remembered - Flash Fiction, Reality/Slice of Life

A Dream Realized - This one is a personal favorite.

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