Friday, April 20, 2012

Music And Magic

Anymore, Mommy and Daddy were always so angry one or the other of them would wind up hitting her for no reason at all.

Whenever that happened, Eloise would go to her room and play the strange little piano she had gotten from Mama Rosa, the old witcher woman.

Mama Rosa said music was powerful magic and could take her away to a special place if she only just believed. With the sting of Mommy’s hand still on her cheek, Eloise began to play wishing very hard to go to that happy place right now. Eventually, she got her wish.


  1. Neat use of a photo for integration! It lends itself to the interpretation that she's fading away at the end of your vignette.

  2. Clever witch. Good take on that pic!

  3. Ah, the horrors of receiving your wishes.