Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playing A Bad Hand

Julio looked whiter than a sheet of typing paper, which wasn’t the norm for the street-wise barrio boy turned homicide cop. The young Latino couldn’t even lock eyes with him.

“Sorry El-Tee but this one ain’t by the books by a long shot. It’s…it’s…the Blarney Boys, boss.”

Haggerty groaned. OCB had called that one right. The Irish immigrant gang had finally raised the ante. They were affectionately known as the “young, dumb, and full of cum brigade". They were a crew of pale, muscular white boys who were moving in on the locals. They were tough and hungry but none too bright.

With close to fifty lesser convictions amongst them, they were more of a joke than a serious threat. They’d stuck to drugs, gambling, some half-assed protection scams…but nothing that would explain offing somebody. They weren’t stupid enough to rock the boat that hard.

“Not what you think, boss. They didn’t do the deed. They got done…got done and then some. Never seen nothin’ even close to this, dude.” He nodded over his shoulder.

I looked and saw something unknown in my 26 years with the SFPD. Everybody and then some from CSU was there. Fifteen ambulances stood on line.

“County policy they say. Separate ambulance for so many pieces parts of whatever...uh...whomever. Wasn’t enough left of any one of them to shove into one of Woo Woo Wong’s old sneakers!”

Okay, Julio was right to call. It was going to be a very long day indeed.

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