Friday, May 4, 2012


With a sigh of frustration, Tyler ripped the page from his sketch book and tossed it into a forest’s worth of similar discarded pages. He wondered where his creativity had gone. When had the blessed spark of creation transformed itself into nothing more than lifeless, bitter ashes?

A breeze, where none should have been, forced him to look around and see her. She was an amalgam of countless lines, both bold and subtle. She was all that was best and brightest in his abandoned work.

With a smile, his Muse softly spoke to him, reigniting the fire within his soul. 


  1. Did you also draw that? I like. Thank goodness his muse appeared, were it as easy every time bemusement and frustration hit.

  2. I did not draw this. It was a pic prompt provided for a weekly writing challenge. I have no ability to draw whatsoever. :(