Friday, May 18, 2012

The Golden Quest

Try as she might, Mindy could simply not see exactly where the rainbow ended. She must walk all the way across Miller’s Meadow and then past the terrible scary woods beyond and then…she just didn’t know.

She, secretly, wished she didn’t have to make such a long and perilous journey, but she had no choice. The mean banker man had told Mama she must pay him the money or lose the farm. Mindy only hoped that pot of gold she was going to bring back would be enough to make all of their troubles go away. Sighing, she began to walk.

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  1. Dear Jeffrey,

    In this tale lies the seed of a terrible tragedy and I love how your story emphasizes that fact without ever putting the words to paper. Excellent job with this one.

  2. Neat contrast between the innocent naiveté of childhood, and the grinding reality of life.

    The only criticism I have is, why are the woods scary? Maybe a description or something might make it more vivid to the readers.


  3. Touching child like faith that all can be well if only ...
    A nice slant on the 'pot of gold' theme.

    Mine's at:

  4. They are scary strictly from the POV of a little girl. Would have liked to elaborate but wound up short on words.

  5. There's something terribly affecting about the innocence of a child trying to solve problems that are far beyond childhood. Nice tug on the heartstrings.

  6. Aww. Willing to do all she can to help. It is sad though that she has to do anything. Nice tale.

    My attempt:

  7. Courageous story wiht a touch of mystery and suspense. Nicely written. Mine is here:

  8. Kind of a neat technique. Seemed very simplistic at first...until you realize the narrator is a child. The innocent idealism you know is going to be crushed evokes good emotions.

    Here's mine for this week:

  9. Loved the POV of an innocent child. She does what she has to do. Beautiful.

  10. Oh bless her little heart . . . wouldn't it be marvellous if she did find a pot of gold, as a reward for her courage!

    Thanks for your comment on ours. For the benefit of others, our link is

  11. oh can't help thinking something's gonna happen to me a li'l worried for her...

    1. My penchant for dark fiction precedes me? Nope, didn't envision any nastiness in her future when I wrote it anyway

  12. HOw I wish I could find that pot of gold for myself...the rainbow never stays around long enough for me to find the end.

  13. Love how she still has faith that she will be able to save her mother with the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. My heart aches for her and what she will go through on this quest. I am actually wondering if she went, if she survived, maybe found something better? Who knows. Well done :)

  14. I hope she finds it or, at the very least, some magic beans...

    Lovely (not the right word, really, but I mean through the writing) how she grasps the seriousness of the adult problems facing her family and touching that she has concocted a plan to solve it.

  15. Gosh, I can only echo what everyone above has said. You captured the childlike innocence perfectly, even with the name Mindy (a name I often use for a feckless and affecting child) and that very real Mean Old Bankerman - scarier than those woods.
    Just perfectly wrought. Well done,
    and thank you for reading mine so quickly!

  16. I forgot it was you writing Jeffrey, nice change of voice! It's so comforting to see a child's hope, naive as it might be and the willingness to do anything to protect her family. Well done, sir!


  17. i'm thinking momma didn't get much schoolin'. poor momma.