Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mistrunners' Quest

Chelek Vart, captain of the mistrunner Delisantorios, cast a critical eye down-beam of the prow.

“Ensign Tresk, make our speed full stop and maintain, make fast the mooring lines and summon first and third teams to stations.

“Aye, Captain. Be we goin’ down for a look see then?”

Vart valued his mate much but brooked no discussion of his orders.

“She’s no Valiants’ Pride, Tresk, but she’s worth a look, so see to my orders and bump gums on your time, not mine.

Author's Note: Anyone who has read my blog, knows I am a wicked fan of short/micro-fiction. This is my first attempt at a challenge called Five Sentence Fiction, sponsored by the talented Lillie McFerrin. Please, support her and her efforts to expand our creative outlets. 


  1. Liked the phrases you chose for your story: look see, bump your gums. Added another character to your story! It is so completely different than the other 5sentence fiction this week - and that's a good thing:)) Glad you joined in!

  2. Different is kind of my niche. LOL. Thanks much for the feedback.

  3. Nice one, original take on the prompt. Bumping gums indeed! :) Welcome to 5SF.

  4. So happy to have you join in on FSF! I like the bit of mystery left in this piece. It's a story I would love know more about. Well done :)