Sunday, May 27, 2012

Power Undesired

Lianasa’s tone was both harsh and concerned.  “No witch can teach you what you desire, child. It is men’s magic and is magic most foul. Power it offers, aye, but at a price. It warps the mind, the body, the very soul of those who succumb to it. Do not do this!” The girl left her.

She sat in a submissive pose, hands bound by silken cord and her mouth taped. The mage had demanded such before he would begin.

“The wonders of the Wild Magic shall I show you, sweet one, shall I teach you. Let your eager eyes see through me and witness the origins of true Power.”

As the images and their force flooded into the young witch, she knew she had erred most grievously. Her bulging eyes burst in response and a wail of unending terror ripped the tape asunder. She screamed for a very long time before she, mercifully, died.


  1. Oh, the poor thing. I guess the moral is, be careful what you wish for. :)

  2. Indeed it is. Greedy little minx. Bwuahahaha