Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fairytaleland P.D.

Arriving on scene, the Chief Constable recognized the girl from around town, Jill Something-or-Other. She was a mess of bruises and cuts. All in all, she’d fared better than her companion.  The entire top of the lad’s head was a bloody ruin.

Frowning, his deputy came over, “Says she and her friend Jack headed up the pathway to that old well. She claims he lost his footing on the way down and she injured herself trying to save him.”

The Constable shrugged, “Okay. Finish things up here then get back to looking for Tom Piperson and that damned stolen pig.”


  1. This was good. Very real. Is she telling the truth? Will the Police discover that something's not quite right with her story? Questions! Questions! Mine's here:

  2. heh-heh ... interesting ...

  3. A clever take on the prompt and an enjoyable read.
    I wonder what Jack & Jill were really up to?

  4. This open and shut case seems rather fishy to me.
    How do we know Jack wasn't pushed by Jill?
    Just asking...

    My take:

  5. LoL...Love the last line...gave me a good chuckle. Seems the stolen pig is more important than the dilemma of Jack and Jill. LoL. Here's mine:

  6. This is the kind of plot I love, some crime, mystery and suspense. Good shot! I'm linked as Reading Pleasure.

  7. Glad to see the nursery rhyme's getting in on the action. But is it really an open and shut case? Where's the pail? Nicely done.