Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Quest For Honor

Ichiro, 14th Daimyo of the Lesser Purple Empire, allowed his antennae to twitch in a rare demonstration of emotion. He understood the necessity for security checks, but understanding made him no less impatient. He must get to his quarters and prepare for the upcoming ceremonies.

He could not believe he was to witness the Diamond Jubilee of the Grand Monarch herself. She’d reigned now for an unheard of sixty months and her House enjoyed nearly unlimited power. Sixty months seemed an impossibly long life for the young Daimyo, who was barely three weeks old himself.

His family had long since been doomed to the archive of degraded monarchy for their role in a failed coup against the ruling family. Now, after twenty generations, Ichiro dared hope his family might regain their honor. She was empowered to forgive her subjects their past indiscretions on this most wondrous of occasions. Did he dare hope she finally would?

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