Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Time To Reap

Cade was just buttoning the hatch down on a finicky robotic cultivator when his eyes and ears drew his attention northward. You didn’t need to be a twenty year veteran of the Republic Marines, as he was, to recognize the blinding light and the thundering roar of a Skladaaran landing craft coming to rest.

He spat out his chaw of syntho-bacco unsure if the sour taste in his mouth was a result of that or symptomatic of the aliens’ arrival. He could have gone to town, as many did, to watch the massive insectoids claim their tribute of slaves, but such held no attraction for him. 

Out here in the fields, he would attend to his business and to his harvest and they were welcome to stay in town and tend to theirs. 


  1. Goodness... 3-4 stories in a row about aliens. This man should attend to his business and his harvest but keep an eye over his shoulder. I don't trust those aliens tending to their own. They seem to have an agenda. Still working on mine.

    1. Yes, I thought that too. Creepy :)
      Must be something to do with that sky LOL
      Well done.

  2. I agree with Lora. Not too sure if I trust the aliens to tend to their work--could be dangerous. Loved the details and imagery. Wonderful job!

  3. Great job of mixing sci-fi with a sort of pastoral, country setting. Syntho-bacco...ha, very nice.

  4. I like this guy. He is just going about his business, mentioning the aliens like it's any other day. Made me smile. Cool story!!!