Monday, June 11, 2012

Victorious Sisterhood

Veering onto Bloody Basin Road, Trina grinned at the delicious irony. Blood would be spilt today and the abandoned quarry would make a fitting basin.

Beside her, Kat fidgeted. “You don’t HAVE to go through with this. We can get Thai food and watch re-runs of Grayson’s Pond, maybe?”

“I didn’t spend half the night pounding nails into a baseball bat to back out now. This ends just one way.”

“But…she’s your own sister! Can’t you work things out?”

“No, we can’t. Look, she IS my sister which makes this a family matter. As my second, all you gotta do is make sure this stays a fair fight.”

Pulling up, she caught sight of Tori stetching out. She wasn’t surprised she’d chosen that bitch, Jade, to back her up. Despite appearances otherwise, she’d always suspected the two had some sick lesbo thing going on.

Hefting her bat, Trina got out. Kat grabbed her, sobbing, “This is ridiculous! You can’t fight a death match over some stupid dress!”

“This was NOT ‘some stupid dress’, dammit. Nobody wears the exact same gown as me to prom and gets away with it, NOBODY! Well? Let’s go. You got me hungry for Thai now.”

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