Thursday, July 26, 2012

Double Exposure

Elmo Trengis had a reputation for exploiting his models to their fullest but paying them pauper’s wages. “Sweetie, honey, bubula”, he’d quip, “It’s not about money. It’s all about exposure. So, let’s get exposin’, eh?”

But Fate intervened on the women's behalf during the Arctic Ice Beer campaign. Elmo had, conveniently, neglected to mention it was to be shot aboard an Alaskan Sea’s cruise ship. The poor models’ tempers burned as their bodies shivered.

The first night at sea, his cabin door was kicked in he found himself trussed up and on deck in no time.  As they made to toss him overboard, Elmo only laughed.

“You stupid bitches! I got an implanted GPS chip, the ship’ll turn around and pick me up within minutes.”

As he plunged over the side, a gorgeous brunette shouted, “But Elmo, sweetie, a few minutes in this water is plenty to finish you off. Remember? It’s all about exposure, baby.”

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  1. Lol... Way to go..xx Nice piece of writing..xx