Monday, July 30, 2012

Eternal Presence Hospice Services

It had been a long day at the Eternal Presence Hospice Services facility. Of course, it had been an even longer day for young Emma Sue. Her disease had progressed rapidly to its final stages and her time was, most definitely, limited.

When it became apparent to Emma Sue, that she’d begun a slow descent from which there’d be no rebound, she made a very adult decision.

Rather than endure the worst, she would opt for Eternal Presence (EP) status. Her consciousness would reside in a bio-electronic matrix wherein she could spend out the remainder of her brain life in a reality of her choosing.

Her parents’ insurance offered up to three choices and she was determined to explore all her options. The Director of Staff was present to remind Emma Sue that today was a “playing for keeps” moment. If she didn’t choose today, she’d likely be too weak for another session.

The third, and final, Presence loaded. Emma gasped in wonder. She was magnificent atop her spirited steed, dispensing arrows of justice to the evil king’s men. Yes, she nodded emphatically. THIS was the life for her!

The appropriate notations were made and the transfer began at once. 


  1. How great to get to live on in another reality. Great idea, great read :)

  2. Love this! A fantastic concept...sometimes I'd like that option without the terminal disease!

  3. WOAH. ALL I can say is........WOAH.

    So....where are your books so I can buy them? Because I would totally read this one.