Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Grand Treaty

Swimming towards the location that had been designated for the ceremony, Prince Octavio Charles Bluefish still felt surprised to have been chosen as an Envoy. His was, admittedly, a very minor royal house of the Piscene Empire.

In all honesty, Octavio was merely glad to be doing his part to end the interminable dispute between his people and the Landwalkers. Having never been privy to negotiations on such a grand scale, he found the wording of the documents to be exceptionally confusing and vague. His father’s advisers had explained it could be summarized, quite nicely, as “You don’t eat us and we won’t eat you.” That seemed a thoroughly reasonable and pragmatic policy to the young prince.

At length, he spotted the Landwalker representative and, doing his best to appear regal and proper, he swam closer for the crucial “Kiss and make up” ritual that would be repeated by a host of Envoys throughout the Empire.

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