Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paradigm Shift Worker

Though his senses screamed of the abject wrongness of everything around him, Taylor struggled onward through the surreal cityscape. The phase shifts were occurring with greater intensity and lasting far longer than before. The trans-dimensional forces were playing havoc with his thought processes as well as his perceptions, but one inescapable fact remained clear.

Time was running out for him and for all of mankind. Unless he set the bomb off in time and destroyed the singularity generator, the entire world would simply cease to exist. That was an unthinkable outcome. Summoning all his considerable willpower, Taylor moved relentlessly forward.  


  1. Love the singularity in purpose with this one, hope he makes it!

  2. I don't think he will, but I hadn't really looked any further than what you see here.

  3. To quote one of my favorite series: "Go then. There are other worlds than this."

  4. Alternate reality - detonator - bomb? YOWCH. This guy is under some serious pressure! Nice edgy piece that raises a lot of questions! Sounds like he's tough enough to meet the challenge, what happens next??

    Great job - and thanks for participating!!!

  5. A great story.
    Not at all sure I understand what a 'singularity generator' is but I sure hope Taylor can get rid of it for us.
    A great read - thanks.