Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunshine Awards

Anyone who has spent any time whatsoever perusing the contents of The Latinum Vault knows I am a fairly-consistent proponent of gloom, doom and general unhappiness. That being said, I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award. This award comes from the delightful Afsaneh K

As part of this festive process, I am constrained to provide you ten "surprising" facts about myself. So here goes with that:

Ten Surprising/Obscure/Unknown Facts About Me

1. I have sustained approximately 33 different broken bones in my life. (This does NOT count multiple breaks of the same bone)
2. I have a copy of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina that was given to me and signed by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
3. While touring Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey I saw the crossbow purported to have killed Richard the Lionhearted.
4. I graduated with honors from the Basic and Intermediate Russian language courses at the U.S. Military Defense Language Institute.
5. I declined a four-year scholarship to study Linguistics at Brigham Young University to join the U.S. Army instead.
6. I was thrown out of the Hog's Breath Inn in Carmel, CA by its owner, Clint Eastwood.
7. My three biggest guilty TV pleasures are: Deadliest Warrior, Pawn Stars & Top Chef (not necessarily in that order)
8. I once played Dungeons & Dragons in a campaign with Gary Gygax, the inventor of the game, as Dungeon Master.
9. I have two martial arts black belts. (Kendo & Tae Kwan Do)
10. While attending a Society For Creative Anachronisms event, I was summarily banished from an entire kingdom for "a grievous offense against The Crown".

Now, with who shall I share this prestigious award? I have decided upon as widespread and eclectic sampling of folks as possible

Lisa McCourt Hollar (@jezri1)
Meg McNulty (@charitygirlblog)
Wakefield Mahon (@WakefieldMahon)
Rebecca Clare Smith (@jocastalizzbeth)
Anna Meade (@ruanna3)
Al Boudreau (@threecifer)
Michael Hicks (@kreelanwarrior)
Siobhan Muir (@SiobhanMuir)
Michelle Franklin (@MrsDenAsaan)
Lorna Suzuki (@LornaSuzuki)

So, there you have it, a brief beam of sunshine from the most unexpected of sources. Kudos all! 


  1. That's a LOT of broken bones. I love your facts! And I love that Afsaneh nominated you for a sunshine away - pure brilliance.

  2. And you said you couldn't think of enough interesting/obscure things!
    I'm curious as to which are false because according to this post, you're a bit of a ninja, eh? Albeit, a clumsy one :)

  3. Well, Thank you, Jeff. I shall get that blog post up tomorrow! :)


  4. Fantastic facts! I tried learning Russian once at night the alphabet down and a few greetings, then got ill and had to give up...forgotten everything now except how to say 'I love you'!

  5. Best award I've ever won!!!

    1)Broke my toe and my ankle. When I broke my ankle, my body was in such shock that I instantly vomited from the horrific pain.

    2)I have an original copy of TH White's Ill Made Knight with his original drawings.

    3)That is epic. I have nothing to match that.

    4)When I was 16, I wanted to join the Air Force to learn how to fly. When I was told I would have to actually kill people, I decided against joining.

    5)I declined a scholarship to NYU, mostly because the scholarship would barely have covered my living expenses.

    6)I cannot believe he allowed you to live.

    7)My guilty pleasures are 80s action films.

    8) I hope he was a decent DM. The last D&D I played seriously was 3.0. I played 4.0 once and disliked it.

    9) I studied Northern Shaolin for 2 years and learned how to use a sword.

    10)I've never done anything to warrant banishment. There is still time, I hope.

  6. Holy cow, I have sunshine filling my days! First Rebecca and now Jeff! I guess I'll have to actually do it now ;)

    Thank you so much and I'll post my link when done <3