Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Reluctant Explorer

The balloon drifted slowly toward Triganya’s eastern horizon, the basket weighed down by three occupants.

 Aemon Belanka, Royal Protector and Master Hunter, scanned the skies warily. “The king will have shvala-riders in the skies the minute he realizes you are gone, Kirena. Are you sure it is wise to trust this…outlander?”

She frowned before replying. “All I know for sure, old friend is Charlie Feldman is an unwilling guest here, not a spy. I will help him escape my father.”

For his part, Charlie figured it best to keep quiet and concentrate on getting out of this crazy land alive. 


  1. Nice! I love the set up. This could be turned into a much larger story. :)

  2. OOoooo! This has the tang of being an excerpt from a longer tale for certain -- I would like to know what these shvala-riders are, and what sort of threat they pose? Nice work weaving in all the textural details in so short a space. I like Charlie already. Well done!!

  3. I love the questions I'm left with after reading this! I'm intrigued :) Excellent!!!

  4. Thank you for Charlie Feldman ... He brought some reality into yet another fantasy slice with silly names ... now I like it

  5. Great setup, good pace, definitely curious