Saturday, July 21, 2012

You Can Go Home

Eighty seven years was how long they told him it had been. They spoke to him of "catastrophic cryogenic malfunctions" and "FTL temporal displacement". He was little comforted that terminology existed to explain such a situation as his.

Standing in the abandoned wreckage of what had been a dream home for him and his new wife, he wept silent tears. For the grief he'd unintentionally caused her, for the unrealized possibilities and for so many, many other things he wept.

He wept as he placed his service weapon to his head, but soon enough his tears ended and only silence remained.


  1. How sad, you really capture his mood with this. Liked this a lot

  2. Dark and powerful. Nice use of the prompt without ever using the word "gutted' itself. The impact of the "temporal displacement", of coming home to a home that is no longer home, really packs a punch. Would like to know what caused the 87 year lapse.

    Well done! Thanks for participating!!

  3. It took a reread to fully grasp the concept, and it made it all the more sadder