Wednesday, August 8, 2012

By Love Made Whole

Walter paced the tabletop, disbelieving he was on another blind date arranged by his mother. She’d spoken of such intangible claptrap as “souls entwined” and lonely hearts made full by something she called “great smooshes of love”. 

So, here he was with nothing more to go on than emotional tripe and a name…Charlene.

Softly, a voice cooed, “Walter? You’re Walter, yes?”

From his first gaze into the ebon beads that were her eyes he was instantly smitten, instantly hers. As warm smooshes of love suffused his parched soul, he knew, for the first time, what it was to be complete.


  1. BAHAHAHAHA.......!!!!!! My week is complete. This is awesome. Anyone who can take an AnnaMeade-esque dare on top of the Visual Dare itself and nail both --- this ranks as top-notch awesome. You rock. :)

  2. Ehh...practice makes perfect. Lesson: NEVER dare a Ferengi.

  3. Lesson Learned: Ferengi trumps Fairy Queen! Good to know!! :)

  4. Good God. You wrote a romance and nailed it!
    A Ferengi of many talents, you are!

  5. Okay, you deserve the crown, Jeffrey! I can't believe it!! You did indeed trump Anna :)) Well done!

    (also loved that she 'cooed' his name).

    From now on your title shall be: Ferengi, Master of the Fauna Romance!

  6. A great story Jeffrey.
    It's great to know that some blind dates work out well.
    A very enjoyable read - thanks.

  7. Oh, man! I'm with everyone, you rock for pulling this off!! *smooshes* :)