Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fairy Tale Vengeance

Stewart winced as Kristen bounded into the room, brimming with excitement. All he wanted was to drink beer and watch the game. Instead, it seemed, he’d have to listen to her latest dumb-assed story.

“So, what do you think?” she squealed.

“You made the main character a prince turned into a damned frog?!? Once Upon A Time is one thing but nobody reads freakin’ fairy tales anymore.” He snorted with disgust. 

Crestfallen, Kristen whirled about and spoke the words of transformation. Stewart croaked at her mournfully from his recliner. She was SO tired of him not supporting her creative endeavors.

This story was written for #BlogFlash2012, Day 28: Frog

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  1. Where is the LOVE IT button?! This is awesome!! And I love how the frog in the photo looks like he's rolling his eyes!! :)